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August F. Wilhelm Lautenbach

Zoon van G01

Nageslacht G02 | 1846-?

August F. Wilhelm Lautenbach was born in Sekugsfeldt, Germany 30 augustus 1846. In 1870 oktober 27, August married Johanna Handt, who was born near Doeringshage, Province Pomerania on 10/20/1850. She had come to America in 1867 and had gone to Milwaukee. Her parents, August Handt and Ernstine Volz, seem to have come to America in 1881. They settled near Granton, Wisconsin, for about six years. Around 1876, they moved to Iowa, by covered wagon, settling in Howard County, near Riceville, and lived on a farm.

They had ten children: six girls and four boys. Two of the boys were twins and died in infancy. The other two boys died before they were ten.
When he was about 14 years old, in the year 1860, the Lautenbachs came to America by sailboat. As to be expected on a long, hard voyage, there were many diseases on board, such as pneumonia, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Many people lost their lives, including my great-great-great grandma, Sophie. After the family landed in America, they went to Clark County, Wisconsin, where August and his father Johann took a homestead.

Photo: Johanna Handt and August F. Wilhelm Lautenbach.

Photo: front row: Martha, Johanna and August, Alvina. Back row: Augusta, Bertha, Anna and Emilie.

Photo Lautenbach sisters: Back row: Bertha, Anna, Alvine. Middle row: Martha and Emilie. Front: Augusta.