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Sijbren Lautenbach

Zoon van 12-cb

Nageslacht 13-dg | 1935-2007

Sijbren Lautenbach, Sidney genaamd, was born in Makkum 25 Januari 1935. Hij overleed 26 november 2007 te Cobourg op 72 jarige leeftijd. Hij was gehuwd met Annie Elizabeth (Betty) Hart, born in Colborne, Ontario, Canada on 22 januari 1938. They married 19 September 1957 in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.
He was a painter in the Delft Blue pottery factory in his teens. They came to Canada and settled in the Holland Marsh near Bradford, Ontario when he was about 18 in 1954.
From there, they moved to the Trenton area (still in Ontario).Sidney and Betty met working at an apple orchard in Grafton.

He met Betty in a Apple factory in Colborne ONT, Canada. He lived with Chip and Nancy Jeninga in Grafton. When he moved to Canada he lived in Holland March. Dad used to work for a Makkum Mirada Werk in Holland not the Blue Delft.